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ー Holiday Hours ー
We will be closed on December 25th (Christmas), December 26th (Boxing day closed for lunch only, open for dinner) and January 1st (New Year’s day).
On December 31, restaurant will be closed but we take takeout orders (from 12:00pm-6:00pm only)
Other days we are open on our regular schedule.
Have a nice holiday season!

ー We take Osechi Ryori order for take out ー
※ Osechi Ryori is traditional Japanese new year’s food.
We put about 18 kinds of all cooked food with beef, fish, seafood, vegetables and beans.
・For 4 people in Jubako box (3 tiers lacquer box) $235.00 + Tax
・For 1 person $55+Tax
※Order deadline : Dec. 23, 2018
※Pick up date and time : Dec.31, 2018 4:00pm-6:00pm
Please call for order or inquiry at (905)709-2915.
・4名様用(三段重) $235.00+Tax
・お1人様用 $55+Tax
※締切日 12月23日 (日) ※引渡日 12月31日(月) 4:00pm-6:00pm
お申込み、お問い合わせは (905)709-2915 までお電話にてお願いします。

Miyabi Restaurant has been in business in Richmond Hill since 1994 and has consistently strived to provide delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine to the satisfaction of its patrons.
Miyabi’s Owner-Chef, Seiko Arasaki hails from Okinawa and is a graduate of a Japanese cooking school in Osaka, Japan. He has worked in Japan for 5 years before arriving in Canada where he has worked for 30 years. His extensive knowledge of Japanese cooking and his pursuit of the art of the presentation of Japanese cuisine reflects his dedication and love of the art of Japanese food as well as his pride as a Japanese chef. His restaurant – with Japanese staff – is where the customers enjoy their food in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Miyabi offers an extensive and varied menu to look forward to. Seiko Arasaki looks forward to serving his customers and awaits your arrival in earnest.

Owner-Chef Seiko Arasaki



オーナーシェフ 新崎盛幸(あらさきせいこう)